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A.S.A.P Webring

It is a blessing to have you drop by for a visit to Always Say A Prayer Webring.The webring is part of the main ministry Hosea Harvest Ministries founded and owned by God.A webring that serves God and the internet with a 2 fold purpose:1).To pray and intercede for those in need of prayer,and 2).To share the free gift of grace that God has given us through His Son Jesus Christ,to a hurting and dying world.
This webring is not one filled with alot of rules to join,just a few that must be laid down before you join.You must agree to them to join for this and all things that are represented here and in the ministry of Hosea Harvest Ministries is to exalt Jesus above all things.Okay,if i have not lost you and you would like to join us, please read theguidleines and complete the registration form below.
Then when I have reviewed your site or ministry I will approve you and will send a letter to let you know you are accepted and to let you know i am here to assist you if you have any probs with the code, graphics or the webring in itself.

Guidelines To Follow:

  1. Absolutely no site with porn,includes art and graphics,racially slurring,ethnic hate,discrimination of any sort or kind,wicca,witchcraft....well you have my idea of the things that are not accepted you will not be allowed to join this ministry ring.

  2. You may not alter the HTML code except to change the color of the text.

  3. If your email address changes, you must edit your membership information at the Ring Surf page. A valid email address is necessary in order to remain in the ring.

  4. The URL you register MUST be the same URL on which the HTML code is placed. If you later move the ring, you must login to the Ring Surf page and update your URL. A broken link in the ring is not acceptable.

  5. Must be safe for both kids,family and other ministries as well.

  6. Your site does not have to be a prayer related site.It can be a site of Bible Study,family,ministry or a site of useful christian helps such as poetry or encouragement.

  7. No religious discussions,debates,denaming of others due to difference in faiths,God is the only one to judge not us.In other words,respect each other for there will be different faiths that will join and we as christians are to get along with each other,doesn't mean we have to agree but we are to love one another.

    That's it.To join the Always Say A Prayer webring, just fill out your info below in the form provided .Please also remember that if you have any probs at all just email me at and i will be glad to assist. God bless you as we serve God on the internet.

    The webring service provider for this webring.

    See the list of ring members and visit their websites.

    Submit site to A.S.A.P Webring

    Site Title:
    Site URL:
    Site Owner:
    EMail Address:
    Year of Birth: (ie: 1999) No applicants under age 14 allowed.
    Password (verify):
    Site Description:

    After you complete the application above then you will receive ring code by screen and also by e-mail. You will be contacted in due course regarding acceptance into Always Say A Prayer Webring.

    When completed the banner should appear on your site like the one below:

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