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Our Church Community Values

Harvesting Souls For Jesus Church

A community of Christ-followers growing in the love of God and sharing the love of God with others online and beyond. We are on a journey, moving from brokenness to wholeness in our relationships with God, self, and others.

Community Values

“...a community of Christ-followers growing in the love of God...”

God calls us into relationship with himself and with others who are growing in his love. The following values guide our community life.

God loves us and wants us to love one another. We will create a loving atmosphere in which we can grow as people, work out differences, experience freedom, and learn to take risks. As we grow in love, we become more gracious, encouraging, and hospitable.
God's love comes to us as a gift and so we will celebrate God and his goodness to us in worship and with each other. We will celebrate the good in each other and in life!
Jesus' earthly life was characterized by servent-hood and selflessness. As we grow closer to God and live in obedience to him, we become more like Jesus. It is a journey that takes us from brokenness to wholeness. We will encourage growth in the disciplines of the Christian life. We will mentor and help one another grow in grace and Christ-likeness.
Through prayer, God strengthens and guides us, transforms and inspires us, and moves mountains! Prayer and worship nourish our relationship with God. We will learn to pray privately and together, and encourage the development of specialized prayer ministries.
God generously gives himself to us, and transforms us into givers. We will give our time, our money, our material goods, and our practical help, as individuals and as a church. We will encourage generosity in all aspects of life.

Mission Values

“...sharing the love of God with others in Old Strathcona and beyond.”

God calls us to share his love with others around us. The following values guide us in our pursuit of this mission.

Lost people matter to God, and so they matter to us.
The best way to share God's love is to introduce people to Jesus Christ. We will be intentional about sharing the good news of Christ with lost people.
Faith means taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zone. In the power of the Holy Spirit, we will be compassionate, gracious, truthful, and bold. We will trust God to do through us what we cannot do ourselves.
God wants us to be agents of wholeness and healing, in physical, emotional, and spiritual spheres, especially among the poor and disadvantaged.
God revealed himself to us personally in Jesus. Relationships are key to all that we do, both in community and in mission. We will intentionally reach out through personal relationships. We will also foster corporate relationships and cooperation with other churches and ministries to further God's work in our area.

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