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Our Church As A Ministering Fellowship

We do Group Celebrations

We enjoy coming together and celebrating the goodness of the Lord. These are our week day times of reflection upon God and His faithfulness to us. It is a time for us as a congregation to hear an exhorting word of instruction for the week.

We have Small Groups for You.

We are a small group church.This means that we believe that every church member is to be connected to a small group. Many Christians have joined churches only to leave and say, "I never really made any friends there." What they are saying is that they really did not connect with anyone. Small Groups are our way of connecting you to this part of the Body of Christ, like a family group. This is where the meat of the word is taught.

We use the word STEAK to help us remember what our small groups should always be composed of and to remind us that as Christians we should be desiring the meat of God's Word.

S--- Supplication (Ongoing prayer ministry)

T--- Truth (Imparting truth through the reading and studying of the Bible)

E--- Equipping ("...entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others." 2 Timothy 2:2)

A--- Accountability (Asking tough questions and correcting unChristlike behavior)

K--- Kingdom (Seeing God's kingdom come to earth through service and missions)

Other groups such as support groups for people facing similar life challenges, ministry groups working together in areas such as praise/worship, drama, special events, and more all provide more opportunities for church members to really get to know each other and serve the Lord together. This would also include small groups of our children and our youth.

We do Ministry Centers

As we grow and multiply in numbers, we will have Ministry Centers which are to be placed throughout the world in strategic locations in order to be a local and international lighthouse for ministry. Their primary focus is ministry to a particular geographical location, providing a strategic connection between our home base (our church as a building) and our small groups which meet in our community. As people visit or connect to the church they will learn of the closest Ministry Center to their home which will in turn connect them with their neighbors. When you know which neighbors are also Christians, you can more effectively visit, evangelize, and care for your community.

Enter His Ministry

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