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Our Strategy As A Church

During Jesus' day the fishermen used nets. Casting the net was a process of throwing the net out with the net fully extended. Drawing the net was pulling the net into the boat and closing it up to capture the fish. This is how we draw the net.

Those looking for a Church will be welcomed with open arms.
They are invited to join us and feel free to share with us .
Come to know Jesus personally by accepting His gift of eternal life which He offers.
To learn more about Christ through discipleship and mentoring which is our a focus we have in teaching the Word of God.
All born again believers are encouraged to exercise their spiritual gifts,given them by God,in varioyus ways we offer.

If a person does not decide to join us, they are welcomed to study God's Word with us through the Church Teachings Room we have to offer to those freely. However, we encourage all Christians to be under the watchcare of the pastoral ministry of a local congregation either online or in public.We stress this so one can grow,share and learn more about what God has to offer for our walk with Him.

Your Decision

"Each Christian should select his church because he is convinced
that within its particular structure he will find the greatest opportunities
for spiritual growth, the greatest satisfaction for his human needs,
and the greatest chance to be helpful in service to those around him."
Dr. Billy Graham

We hope you will find a place with us as a part of the Body of Christ hereat Harvesting Souls For Jesus Church. We would love to have you!

Senior Pastor Stephen Thurman

Enter His Ministry

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