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Our Church Vision Statement

The vision for Harvesting Souls For Jesus Church is founded upon Ephesians 3:20.

In the Message Bible the passage reads

" God can do anything, you know far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us."

We are convinced as a group of believers that God is sovereign and will provide the power for his children to achieve these dreams and many others beyond our imagination. He will provide the power to live the Christian life and to do that which He is doing by inviting us to join Him as a church body. We look to Spiritual Power to accomplish these tasks. It is our belief that there is no reason why the Christian Power of this age is inferior to that of the Bible. With intense commitment and zeal towards God's will for us, we anticipate God doing God size tasks at HSFJ in the 21st Century.

Our Vision is to Reach All People

We will be a community that builds God's eternal Kingdom through prayer, evangelism, and missions by presenting Christ as Savior. We desire to love people as God loves them and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those here online and beyond. We will train all believers to share their faith with confidence. We shall be a congregation that reaches out to people in all stages of life. We will extend the same measure of grace to others that Christ offered to each of us. We will encourage new believers to follow Him in baptism and make a passionate commitment. The church will also be a birthing place for short-term and career missionaries who will travel to all places to tell all people about Jesus. It is our vision to start at least one new sister church every year. We will be witnesses online and to the ends of the earth.

Our Vision is for Individual Commitment and Spiritual Growth

We envision a community where people are passionate about pursuing Christ as Lord. This vision includes transformation towards maturity for all who attend through in-depth Bible teaching and training for all age groups through worship services, seminars, small groups, and retreats. We expect that all who attend will be nurtured on the journey to Christlikeness.

Our Vision is to be a Community Where No One Stands Alone

We desire to promote an atmosphere where we love, care for, help, encourage, assist, and hold one another accountable. Harvesting Souls will be a family friendly atmosphere where people can grow closer to God and each other. This church will be a community where intercessory prayer is not just promised, but practiced.

Our Vision is to Equip new Christians and New Members

We will intentionally encourage growth and assimilation for all who join. We desire that new believers get a solid biblical foundation from which to grow as disciples of Christ. We will equip each individual to start their journey on a solid biblical foundation without abandonment or being overwhelmed with Christian terminology and practices. We also will purposefully teach new members about our core values, mission statement, vision for the future, and strategic plan.

Our Vision is that Every Member is a Minister

We desire to have a church where multiple ministries are available and everyone can find a place to serve and use their gift(s) and talents. As more members find a place to serve, there will be a broad feeling of ownership by the church members which will promote commitment. We will equip believers to realize their own giftedness and significant ministry opportunities. Excellence in all our ministry endeavors, will be our standard. We shall be a church where all who serve know they are making a difference.

Our Vision is to Expand to New Things

We desire to develop new ways which encourages a sense of community and family for thousands of people. The ways we will go will be God-led and Spirit-led. We see these ways as means to meet the needs of our contemporary families. Our vision includes innovative ways where all ages will be attracted to study the Bible, worship and fellowship,using the best of resources and technology.

Our Vision is to Worship

We will be a place where people enthusiastically and unashamedly express worth and value to God freely, leaving pride and ego behind. We desire to experience total abandonment to God in corporate worship through singing, preaching the Word, giving, drama, and praying.

I stand before you today and declare with assurance that these dreams will become reality because they are inspired by our God and He is able to do all things by His power.

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