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I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.
John 10:14

Hosea Harvest Ministries Webrings Ministry

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 25:15


To honor and magnify the name of Jesus by engaging in ferverent prayer, unity of believers

and by reaching the lost for Jesus.


To know Christ and to make Him known, that together,

we will grow to spiritual maturity as believers.


To captivate our culture by demonistrating Christ's love,

through His purpose, power, and proclamation given to us by Him in our callings.


To create and share our character with God's own and to worship Christ,

as the Head of our Church and ministry.

These webrings, owned by Hosea Harvest Ministries,

are sponsored by Roman's Road Endtime Ministries

Webring server for Christians called

The Kings Rings

The Kings Rings

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Romans Road Ministries
Today's Christian Men Webring is sponsored by Romans Road End Time Ministries.

 His Sheep
and co-sponsored by Hosea Harvest Ministries.
Article provided by Hosea Harvest Ministries as well.