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Harvesting Souls For Jesus Church

H e is the Rock of our Salvation.
A wesome and wonderful is His name.
R eaping the fields of harvest for lost souls.
V ictory through the Cross of Jesus.
E ternal life in Christ Jesus.
S erving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Taking the Word to a world lost and dying.
I gniting the fires of revival in our lives and the world.
Nurturing believers by means of discipleship.
G rowing in God's abundant grace daily.

Souls For Jesus Church

Our Church Foundation

Our Church Belief Statement

Our Church Vision Statement

Our Purpose As A Church

Our Calling As A Church

Our Church As A Ministry Fellowship

Our Church Leadership Staff Values

Our Strategy As A Church

Our Church Community Values

Our Church Mission Values

Our Church Values Reflect Jesus

Our Church Prayer Chapel

Our Church Site Map

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The Christian Counter